Inquisitive Seal Approaches Diver – What The Seal Does Next Has Him In Stitches

Some wild animals do all they can to stay away from humans.

Others approach but remain wary and afraid. Then there are animals who seem almost tame even though we know they are not.

This is the story of one such tame animal. Gary Grayson was diving with one of his friends when two gray seals approached the pair.

Animal lovers at heart, Gary and his friend were thrilled to have this up close and personal encounter with the seals.

Little did they know it would get much closer.

While one of the seals remained at a safe distance, the other one swam right up to Gary’s face. Then the seal did the unimaginable.

He stuck his nose right up to Gary’s face. Just imagine what that was like with a precious seal’s face only inches from your own!

As if that were not enough to make this the experience of a lifetime, the seal kept going.

Apparently asking for a belly rub, he took Gary’s hand and placed it on his belly. Of course, Gary rubbed while the seal laid back in utter bliss.

The entire encounter was reminiscent of a beloved pup lying on his back for a good belly rub.

Gary even got to scratch the seal under his neck. The seal hugged his arm while giving some gentle love nips.

By this time, the other seal had become more comfortable and more curious and had started to approach Gary as well.

Watch Gary’s incredible encounter in the video below. This is one you really do need to see to believe. And you will be jealous after you do.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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Written by Samantha Roberts

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