Sergeant Wallace Sees Newborn Kitten In Busy Intersection, Only Has Seconds To Act

Cops get a lot of flack in the news these days. We all know there are some bad guys wearing uniforms. And sometimes they do bad things.

But, more often than not, the hearts that beat beneath those uniforms are good as gold. The news does seem to focus on the bad guys. But, there are a lot more good guys than we ever hear about.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Sergeant Brian Wallace.

Every time a cop goes out on a beat he doesn’t know what his fate will be.

Certainly, Sergeant Wallace had no way of knowing that one night when he walked in to work as usual his life was about to be changed forever.

Wallace’s precinct station was beginning an overnight shift at the Lakeland Police Department in Florida when they received a call about a stray cat near a busy intersection.

A passersby said they had tried to catch her and failed. They were worried that she was going to dart into the road and be killed.

So, an officer was dispatched to go and see what he could do. Even the smallest thing can snarl up traffic so he hoped to get there in time to avoid a problem.

When he arrived, he realized it truly was just about the “smallest thing” it could have been. A very tiny kitten, barely old enough to wobble around on her own.

Officer Mike Cardin was able to calm her down enough to get close to her. He caught her and brought her back to the station in a cardboard box to await Animal Control.

He put the kitten into an animal crate to wait for Animal Control that was scheduled to come by the next morning.

But, the crate the kitten was in dwarfed her and she looked so frightened and lonely, the kind officer took the box she had been brought to the station in and made a bed inside the crate for her.

She immediately snuggled in and went to sleep.

Soon after, Sergeant Brian Wallace reported for his shift. Noticing the adorable kitten, he decided to keep take a closer look.

I got to the station just after [Officer] Cardin had secured her and I went to check on her,” he recalled in an interview.

The kitten’s sweet face tugged at his heartstrings, so he decided to keep her company for a while.

Instead of just moving the crate close to his desk, Sergeant Wallace took her out of her bed and held her on his lap for most of his shift. It was obvious that he had felt an instant connection.

He decided, “Here she was, alone and frightened. Since this was not too long after the beginning of the shift, I just couldn’t leave her in that box for about 10 more hours, just to have animal control take her away.”

When Sergeant Wallace was called to go out to patrol, he decided to let the kitten ride shotgun. He wasn’t sure about proper procedure, but the kitten seemed to think it was a good plan, so they went for it.

I took the box she was originally put in and placed it in the passenger seat of my patrol vehicle, facing me,” he explained.

Some cats don’t take kindly to car trips, and certainly, the kitten’s experience with cars at the busy intersection and then her ride to the station could have scarred her for life.

But, she settled right down and went to sleep.

The kitten remained in her makeshift bed, asleep, for the rest of Sergeant Wallace’s shift. She would rouse long enough to make sure her friend was nearby, and then drift back to sleep.

As his shift came to an end, he realized that Animal Control would be on their way shortly to take her to the shelter. And, he knew that he wasn’t ready to let her go.

He asked the kitten if she’d like to go home with him. She purred her contentment with the plan. And their future was set.

That little face … I was done,” he said.

So, the little kitten, now named Kelsey, went home with Sergeant Wallace. She’s acclimating herself to her new surroundings and is loving her new home and new dad.

She’s quite affectionate,” he noted. “It’s almost like she realizes she was given a decent chance at surviving after being feet away from heavy traffic and on her own at so young.”

So, the next time to read a news story that intimates that “all cops” are brutal and heartless, remember this story of a cop with a huge heart for a tiny kitten.

May you guys have many wonderful years together, Sergeant Wallace and your little ‘copy’ cat.

Source: Honest To Paws

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