AWWW! Shelter Takes Dogs Out For Puppuchinos! Does It Look Like They Had Fun?

Shelters go to all lengths to help their precious pups find their forever homes.

The staff at the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington got creative with their advertising methods.

The developed the Puppoccino Pals program to encourage pet adoptions.

Every Tuesday, adoptable pooches travel to a local Starbucks for a special Puppoccino, a small cup of whipped cream made especially for them.

One dog gets the special treat each week and he’s featured in Starbucks. After all, who could resist these puppies in need of a forever home?



This is AWESOME!


Savoring the moment.


Take me home, please!


Lip smacking goodness.


Extra frothy, please!


Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!


Don’t wipe my nose. I’ll get it off myself!


What are you looking at?


if I could get my whole head in there, I would!

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