Shelter Staff Is Posing In Empty Kennels,The Reason Why Will Have You Cheering!

It’s heartbreaking to see so many animals in our communities in need of homes.

Many communities have at least one no kill shelter. Many others only have their local Humane Society.

While those who work and volunteer with the Humane Society would love to see all homeless dogs find their forever homes, the truth is that many do not.

I Heart Dogs reported that “over 31% of dogs that enter shelters never leave again – they’re humanely euthanized because their time has run out to find a forever home, and space is needed to save other lives at the shelter.

The Humane Society in Colorado Springs decided to do something about this horrible trend. They created a special program called Home for the Holidays.

During this promotion, adoption fees were waived for all cats and dogs older than five-years-old.

Prospective owners still went through the Humane Society’s typical screening process before they were allowed to adopt.

The employees and volunteers were hopeful that this promotion would help older dogs to be adopted and that it would bring in people who might otherwise not come by the shelter at all.

But they were totally overwhelmed by the response they got.

Their Facebook video tells the story. It shows employees and volunteers leaning out of empty kennels.

The Humane Society in Colorado Springs had adopted ALL dogs they’d had available. All of them were now in their forever homes leaving the kennels empty!

This promotion and the dedication of the employees and volunteers at this Human Society saved the lives of every one of those dogs. What a miracle!

The Empty Kennels!

What happens when your last available dog gets adopted? Your staff and volunteers jump into the kennels to celebrate! We've adopted out 25 cats and 23 dogs so far during our #HomefortheHolidays promotion, and for the second day in a row, we've adopted out ALL of our available dogs! We'll have more dogs available later tonight or tomorrow. Keep those adoptions coming!

Posted by Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region on Monday, December 19, 2016

Source: I Heart Dogs

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