No One Wanted To Adopt This Cat, So He Came Up With His Own Hilarious Plan To Get A Home

There are more animals in shelters than any animal lover would ever like to think of. Many of these animals never find their forever homes and are tragically euthanized.

Older animals have a particularly harder time in shelters as they seek their forever homes.

Sigmund was a three-year-old mischievous cat who had been adopted once from the Cat Haven WA shelter in Western Australia.

He was returned for being a bit too rough for the family who adopted him.

Sadly, day after day passed without Sigmund finding his forever home. After a while, he got tired of waiting and took matters into his own hands.

When visitors, including potential families for adoption, would pass by his kennel area in the shelter, Sigmund would begin licking the windows.

His odd behavior soon caught the attention of many people, but none who adopted him.

The employees and volunteers at Cat Haven WA were so amused by Sigmund’s behavior that they began taking pictures of his antics and posting them to their website and social media.

His pictures went viral.

“Sigmund is getting up to some odd tactics to try and find his new owners…turns out you won’t just adopt a cat, but you’ll get a window washer as well. If you like a bit of an oddball, Sigmund is up for adoption now,” the shelter wrote.

Sigmund’s plan worked. He was soon adopted and is living happily in his forever home. His new owners told Cat Haven WA that Sigmund is “as mad as a hatter.”

“Try making a bed with him and it’s a great game for him. He loves to climb on things and just before typing this he took a flying leap at a 6 feet tall cupboard and missed. He has not grasped that he is too small to leap that high from the floor,” his owner wrote to Cat Haven.

“He gets into mischief just as any other cat does. In the past few months he quite enjoys a lap now but only on his terms, typical cat. When he runs through the house doing ‘maddies’ his tail fluffs out as much as it can and you need to beware when the Persian look is happening. It’s so funny. He’s very playful and regularly the kitchen bench tops of a morning have paw prints where he’s had a wander.”

What a wonderful forever home Sigmund found. It seems like the perfect place for him!

Source: Pawpulous

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