Sneaky Cat Keeps Wandering Into Police Department, What One Cop Does About It Blows Everyone Away!

He realized what he was looking for…

Officers of South Carolina’s Columbia Police Department come to work every day, ready to serve and protect.

Obviously, some days are better than others.

And any day that begins with a cat strolling the door is already a better day, right?

So, when a strange cat came wandering into the department one morning, he put a smile on lots of hardened faces.

Oddly enough, that same cat returned the next day. And the next day. …and the next day.

It wasn’t long before the police realized that this cat had magic powers:

He had absolutely everyone in the building under his spell, and he could get anything he wanted!

Of course, the one thing this kitty wanted above all else was affection, and the cops were happy to oblige.

Officer Brandon Montgomery reflects on the first time the friendly stranger showed up, as he told The Dodo:

Whenever an officer would go in or out, he would run back inside real quick.

He wanted to be pet and held. He likes being on shoulders, very much. He’ll climb right up.

But why did he keep coming back? Where did he live?

The police decided to track down the cat’s owner and posted pictures of the pretty kitty online.

However, days passed and nobody showed up. Sadly, the officers were forced to consider bringing the inquisitive cat to an animal shelter.

But Officer Montgomery had a better idea.

As it turns out, this special cop also loves to rescue animals, so it was natural for him to bring the cat – now named Kingsley – home. And now:

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