Soldiers Find A Drowned Puppy…Desperate Medic Tries The Impossible

When natural disasters strike a region, more than just people suffer. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes not only damage homes and displace families. They also endanger the lives of many animals, including pets.

That’s just what happened recently in Bangkok, Thailand. A terrible storm struck the capital city, leading to heavy floods and danger. As the citizens fled to higher ground, the army was dispatched. Their goal: to aid the people of Bangkok and ensure their safety.

As a group of soldiers arrived at a home, the floods were already overtaking the property, including the garage. They enter the garage, in search of anyone that could be plucked from the rising waters. To their dismay there was one victim. But it wasn’t a human, it was a tiny puppy!

This pup had been separated from the rest of the owner’s animals. Quickly overwhelmed by the waters, it was swept away.

Even though it appeared to be floating, the pup wouldn’t last long. That’s when soldier Weeraphon Sukudom jumped into action. With the help of his partners, he rescued the puppy from the water.

But things weren’t as happy as they seemed. It looked from all accounts that the puppy had drowned. Sadness overtook the men, but Sukudom would not give up.

He was trained in CPR, but had never used it before. Not even on a person. That didn’t stop him from using his life-saving skills on this young animal.  Laying the puppy carefully on a flat surface, he performed CPR, including heart massages, in a desperate hope to save it.

And by some miracle, the puppy responded! This soldier saved the little dog’s life. His fellow soldiers captured the scene on video, which has since gone viral.

The dog recovered from his ordeal. Sukudom was so taken with the little trooper, that he adopted him. Champion is now the soldier’s closest buddy, through thick and thin.

I can’t think of a better story of how a person met his animal companion. Can you?

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Source: Mirror

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Written by Adam Casalino

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