Pup Is Sound Asleep In The Car – That Is Until His Favorite Song Comes On, Hilarious!

We all have those songs that we just cannot resist. Those songs come on and you simply can’t help to start singing along and dancing.

Songs elicit in us intense emotions and memories that can take us back in time.

The dog in this video mimics his human counterparts. When he hears his favorite song, he reacts in a surprising manner.

Oakley is an Australian Shepherd who absolutely loves the Disney hit from the movie Frozen called Let It Go.

In this video, Oakley is relaxing with a nice afternoon nap in the car. He looks so precious as he rests in the back seat.

Then his favorite song, Let It Go, comes on the radio. He immediately wakes up. His ears perk up. His eyes open wide. He looks around briefly and then joins in.

Oakley starts belting (or howling) out his version of the hit song. He sings along for quite some time.

And Oakley must exhibit this behavior regularly since his people knew to have their camera ready as the song came on.

We can only wonder how many times they have played this song just to see his adorable reaction to it.

Check out this video for yourself. Do you think that Oakley is really enjoying Let It Go, or like so many adults (especially parents), do you think that he is simply sick and tired of the song?

We’d love to see some of your videos as well. Does your dog have a favorite song?

Puppy wakes up and sings along to "Let it Go". – Jukin Media

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