Special Needs Pup Does The Impossible — Instantly Goes Viral Online

Life is hard when you’re different from everyone else.

Whether you look different or act different or sound different, life seems to be an uphill climb.

When your difference comes from medical issues, it makes things even more difficult.

If you’re a human, people treat you more like a patient than a person, which is very uncomfortable.

But if you’re an animal, well — someone may decide that it’s too much trouble to try to heal you.

Sadly, most people don’t have the patience, knowledge, or time required to save the life of a newborn animal even if it’s healthy.

Luckily for one little pup that was born with a basketful of health problems, there are people in the world like Marie DeMarco.

DeMarco specializes in bottle-raising orphaned kittens and caring for ill, injured or special needs cats. She refers to these critical cases as the “perfectly imperfect”.

Her rescue group, FURRR 911, stands for Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Rehomed.

Luckily for that poor puppy, DeMarco’s heart is big enough to encompass something other than cats…and that little puppy went straight to her heart.

Adorable little Sasha was born with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Any one of those problems would have caused most people to request euthanasia.

But not DeMarco!

When she met Sasha, she knew the pup would fit right in with her feline companions – even if she was a dog!

She has been a fighter from day one and has surmounted multiple obstacles in her short time on this planet,” DeMarco said via Facebook.

As her foster mom, I have worried and fretted, lost lots of sleep, gained several new grey hairs, but none of that matters when I look into her eyes.

Thanks to DeMarco’s expert and loving care, this lucky pup just celebrated her 3-month birthday.

This is quite the achievement, as it’s something the vets were fairly certain would NEVER happen.

DeMarco knows the battle isn’t over – and really won’t ever be for little Sasha – but she’s decided that she intends to be beside her every step of the way.

At three months of age, the teeny tiny pup tips the scales at just over two pounds.

She had been doing really well and gaining weight, but a serious infection recently gave her a real setback.

Upper respiratory infections are common in pups born with cleft palate and poor Sasha battled a really serious one:

She had a fever, nasal congestion, vomiting, an infected eye and weight loss. And losing weight is not something Sasha can afford to do!

Once again, however, Sasha owes her life to DeMarco.

The foster mom took Sasha to the vet with her respiratory infection and treated her with the prescribed antibiotics.

She became concerned, though, when Sasha failed to perk up despite her meds. Her temperature stabilized, but the fragile pup was still lethargic, unsteady on her paws, and refusing to eat.

Fearing her symptoms were related to hydrocephalus, DeMarco took Sasha back to her neurologist.

The specialist put the puppy on a daily routine of medications, fluids, and tube feedings, and Sasha eventually began to come around.

By the time that special 12-week birthday arrived, she was back to her feisty, snuggly self!

DeMarco just loves this tiny fighter and she says Sasha is quite unique as well.

Sasha is a very quiet and reserved puppy. Not your typical puppy at all.

She prefers to sit right next to or on top of my foot.

Sasha probably doesn’t have a clue that her deformity makes her look different than other puppies.

After all, she’s surrounded by nothing but cats, so she likely believes that that is what she looks like.

Sasha has a long road ahead of her and there are no guarantees, but she has an incredible amount of love, devotion, and support coming from DeMarco to carry her through.

This puppy is a true inspiration,” DeMarco said.

“Despite her congenital deformities and medical condition, Sasha proves to be a fighter with a strong will to survive.”

Sasha’s fans can follow Sasha’s progress on Facebook and contribute to her care by visiting the FURRR 911 website.

Sources: I Heart Dogs

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