Puppy Was Moments Away From DEATH Due To Starvation – Look How LOVE Saved Her Life!

Perhaps nothing melts the heart of animal lovers more than stories of survival and redemption. Animals in this country should never be abused or neglected.

We have more than enough resources to care for them. We just need people who are willing to do so.

This is a story about a German Shepherd who got a second lease on life. She was first brought to a rescue center in Grenada, Spain.

Her condition was appalling. The staff at the animal rescue center had never seen a dog so emaciated. They were not sure she would survive.

The dog’s organs were beginning to shut down and they could see nearly every bone in her body. She had gone without food or water for a dangerously long amount of time.

Despite the odds being against them, the staff at the rescue center jumped into action.

The owner of the center, Eduardo, recognized the immense amount of care the dog would require, so he took her home with him at night.

Eduardo named his new friend Barilla Spaghetti because she was so emaciated that she looked like she was made of noodles.

At one point, this German Shepherd weighed only 16 pounds, much less than she should have for her breed and age.

She was given IV fluids to help keep her organs working. Rescuers believe that Barilla Spaghetti was likely confined in a small space, unable to roam as she should and left with little or no food.

In time, the staff made a special harness for Barilla Spaghetti that would allow her to stand without putting too much pressure on her bones.

They were concerned that her bones could not support her weight given how poorly she had eaten.

She soon began drinking on her own and then eating. Today, Barilla Spaghetti lives in her forever home with Eduardo and his wife. While still small, she is now a healthy, thriving German Shepherd.






Source: Gladwire

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