Abused, Starving & Living In A Cage, Little TinTin Needed An Answered Prayer

Many people around the world buy dogs as status symbols, and the dog isn’t well-cared for.

TinTin is one such dog, living a miserable existence with a family in Bali. He was bought to show the prestige of the family like a designer purse.

When poor TinTin got sick, his family brought him to the vet. And they abandoned him there.

He was tossed in a cage where he spent day after day at the clinic, not even being fed because his family wasn’t paying.

How could a medical professional allow that to happen to the sweet dog?

Ebony Owens of the  Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC). got a Facebook message about TinTin’s situation, and she knew that she didn’t have much time if she was going to save him.

Ebony rushed to get TinTin and took him to another vet for medical attention. They feared he was suffering from kidney failure or something more serious, but he only had a treatable infection due to tick bites.

The real problem was that he was slowly starving to death.

His owner had kept him in a cage and starved him, never showing him love, and then the vet abandoned him in the same manner.

But little TinTin, with nutrition and care began to bounce back.

And he didn’t have a mean bone in his body and loved attention from his human heroes.

TinTin looks amazing now and is staying at the Canggu Pet Resort waiting to be adopted.

It’s so wonderful that he is getting a second chance at life.

Dogs aren’t trophies; they’re members our family, and we hope that TinTin finds his soon.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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