Stranger Sees Stray Dog Freezing To Death In The Snow. What Happens Next Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Animals face dire situations every minute of every day, in every corner of the world.

That’s why, if you see an opportunity to help, you shouldn’t turn away.

A perfect example of what humans should do when seeing an animal in need can be seen right here, on this security camera footage.

This happened all the way over in Turkey, where the winters can be absolutely  brutal.

A stranger noticed a stray dog out in the snow, obviously freezing and hungry.

Did he just shake his head, say, “gee, that’s too bad,” and continue on his way?

Let’s face it, that’s what many people would’ve done.

But not this guy. No, the security cam shows him walking right up to the dog and doing something everyone will applaud.

First, he takes off his jacket and wraps it around the shivering canine. That alone is enough to make us stand and cheer.

But then he goes and gives him some food, too.

Unsurprisingly, his unbelievably kind actions have caught the attention of animal lovers nationwide.

And since then, the man was identified as a municipal worker in Giresun; his name is Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu.

Kalpakçıoğlu said:

“If I did not give my jacket, it would have eaten at my conscience.

While we are sitting warm at home, they are outside in the cold.”

Completely true and it proves this man has a selfless, giving soul.

Even the mayor commended Kalpakçıoğlu:

“With this action, he gave a lesson in humanity.

Animals are our friends. We love people, we love our city, we love all living things that are an integral part of us and our city.”

Really brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Source: DoggiesCare

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