Strangers Find Zeus After Being Trapped And Starved For 2 Weeks, Owners Go To Say Goodbye And Witness A Miracle

It is perhaps pet owners’ biggest nightmare: their beloved friend running away. Even though our animal companions are loyal, sometimes they can get loose.

Confused and afraid, they might run away. Their owners then spend countless hours and day searching for them, hoping against all hope that they can find them.

That’s just what happened to Bordeaux Mastiff named Zeus. Even though he was a loyal companion to the family, one day he was spooked and ran away. Even the biggest dogs can get afraid; unfortunately, Zeus ran from his owner and got lost.

Panicked and desperate to find their friend, Zeus’ owner took to social media to spread the word. Their hope was that a kind neighbor would notice Zeus around town and bring him home.

It seemed to work because numerous folks began the search to find the lost pup. But even with the help of friends and neighbors, the days stretched on. Zeus was missing for a whopping two weeks.

Even the most intrepid pet owners would give up hope.

But not these people. They knew they would find Zeus. And so did their friends. Jez Starkey and Adam Briggs decided to go out looking for Zeus. After scouring parts of their neighborhood, they decided to venture into the wild.

They reached a fell, an unkempt part of the region. Climbing down into thick underbrush they came upon a remarkable sight.

A large, tired Bordeaux Mastiff, stuck in four-foot-high bracken. It was Zeus!

The poor dog had gotten trapped in the overgrowth, no doubt while it was running away in fear. By some miracle, he survived those two weeks without food. That was due in part to rainwater that he was able to drink for sustenance.

At first, Zeus was standoffish, afraid of these strangers. But when Jez pulled out a sandwich, the dog changed his tune! After getting Zeus free and giving him food and water, the boys immediately called his owners.

Zeus was thin and weak, but he survived! From all accounts, he is healthy and back to his old self. Thanks to two kind strangers who went out to help.

The next time a neighbor is in need, maybe missing a furry friend, don’t be afraid to pitch in. Who knows? You might become a hero!

Source: Doggies Care

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