Stray Cat Moves into a Church and Humbly Accepts the Worshipper’s Praise

Recently, a curious stray wandered all the way into a holy place — a church in Brazil. The outcome of the situation is both hilarious and heartwarming.

Now, we know that stray cats like to travel to wherever their hearts desire. Whether they wander into a movie theater, a trash can, or a restaurant, stray kitties go where they want when they want.

Junior, a stray living in Brazil, decided to enter a local parish. When Junior arrived at the São Sebastião Parish, in the town of Atibaia people were astonished. They had never seen a cat in such a holy place before, you see.

Church Kitty

After lingering around, the church decided to allow Junior to stay due to his kind personality. Also, he never bothered churchgoers.

So, all was well for Junior. Once Junior became comfortable enough he even started to attend services. In fact, the kitty never skips mass. Junior probably thinks people are praising him and singing songs to him since he is so confident.

During the services, Junior entertains others by going aisle to aisle trying to find a nice lap to sit on. Often, he will also purr!

Osvaldo Boracini, the church’s leader, has taken very good care of Junior. He may think it is his holy duty. Every day he feeds the kitty and shows him, love, along with the rest of the church.


Boracini could have easily turned the cat away, but he knew it was right to keep him. After seeing this awesome act of kindness, a person wrote online:

“I am not Catholic, but I congratulate the priest and the [congregation] for their respect and affection toward the kitten! I love it! So much to be proud of!”

Please share this awesome story with friends! It is great to see such a holy place inviting a furry friend to join their Church!

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