Homeless Dog Runs From Rescuers, Then Leads Them Into A Dark Forest. What They Find Inside…WOW

It’s sad to see stray dogs on the streets.

Homeless and often hungry, these poor animals are without loving owners and lead lives of tremendous hardship.

That’s why rescuers always reach out to such dogs, in the hopes they can find a loving home for the frightened pooch.

But every once in awhile, the stray dog in question becomes a community institution.

Hero is one such rarity.

He has been a stray wandering the streets of Dallas for years. Whenever somebody approaches to try to help, he runs away.

But one day, rescuers got the feeling that Hero wasn’t just running away from them…he was trying to tell them something.

So they continued to follow the dog until they reached the edge of a forest. When they got closer, they couldn’t believe their eyes:

Hero had led them to a mother dog and her unbelievable litter of 10 newborn puppies!

The mamma, Mona, was trying to care for her babies, which were only a few days old, but the wilderness is an unforgiving place.

Rescuers quickly stepped in and brought Mona and all her puppies to the shelter and now, some of those pups are already on pre-adopted lists.

Yes, they’ll have loving happy homes, thankfully.

As for Hero, he got a bath for his efforts and though vets discovered he likely wasn’t the father of those 10 pups, Hero still wanted to play papa.

Hero definitely wants to be around Mona and the newborn babies, so he’s really stepping up!

Perhaps it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship…?

Or maybe Hero will eventually go back to patrolling the streets and saving lives. Perhaps it’s what he was born to do. 🙂

Source: Honest to Paws

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