Starving And Hopeless, Stray Pup Collapses At Gas Station…But Then God Steps In

When you’re traveling cross country, you can never be quite sure what you’re going to come across.

One day it might be the world’s biggest ball of string. The next day, a State Fair-winning pumpkin.

You might see waterfalls or stunning architecture or perhaps just find the world’s best kept secret diner.

But you also might find something that changes your life forever…

When Emily Trost and her boyfriend set out on their road trip, they expected to have the adventure of a lifetime.

But what they didn’t expect was that they would end their trip with an extra passenger…and a new member of the family.

It all happened at a lonely gas station in Montana:

They stopped to stretch their legs, get a snack and fill up with gas.

When they came back out of the station, they were surprised to see a little dog lying beside their van.

The dirty stray wagged its tail at them when they walked up; she seemed very tired and looked so forlorn, the couple were sure it was lost.

They went back inside and asked the store owner if the dog belonged there. Nope. It was a stray as far as they knew.

Emily said:

My boyfriend and I went around to others at the gas station asking if she was theirs.

We also waited for her to see if somebody came out of the gas station store to claim her.

Nobody did, and as we were waiting, we realized how dirty she was with thorns, twigs, and pricklies all caught in her long hair and our hearts broke for her.

A local woman who often took care of strays stopped by and gave them some surprising news.

As it turned out, she was familiar with this dog, and she begged the couple to take the pup with them so that it could have a forever home.

But the couple protested that they really couldn’t take a dog with them. They were on vacation, after all, and they already had some dogs at home.

As they were getting back into the van, however, they reconsidered.

The poor pup really needed them. If they didn’t adopt him, who would?

When their van pulled away from the station, the dog’s sad eyes were looking at them in the rear view mirror.

From its vantage point in the back seat!

Once the shock wore off and the puppy realized his luck was changing for the better, the sad look on her face was replaced with one of sheer joy.

Even so, Emily and her boyfriend were very conflicted about what they should do with the dog.

Should they drop it off at a shelter? Or take it home with them and try to rehome it there?

Before too many miles had passed beneath them, however, they both knew that the dog would be going all the way home with them. And staying there.

They had fallen in love.

They decided to name her Montana after the state where they had found her.

For the first couple of days, Montana was on full alert.

Obviously, she hadn’t ever had much attention and it was a little unsure of what was ahead for her. Life hadn’t been very kind so far, so she really didn’t have much faith left.

The morning after we got her was the best,” Emily said.

She woke up in our tent and started crawling up to our heads, whimpering and giving us kisses.

We could tell she was truly surprised that we were still there with her and that no human had probably ever stayed with her for that long.

After being with her for a few days, the couple couldn’t imagine life before she came along.

Her true personality shined through and Montana became a ray of sunshine for their adventure.

She would do anything with her humans. As it turned out, Montana loved hiking, swimming, and, well, just goofing around with her new family.

All good things must come to an end, and soon the vacation was over.

It was time to head back home to normal life. They were a bit worried about how Montana would react to their other dogs.

But they need not have worried.


Montana accepted the rest of the family with the same big grin she had used to win the hearts of her new parents. And the other dogs accepted Montana just as readily.

Montana had never known what it was like to love and be loved until a couple came along that offered her everything she hadn’t known how to dream about.

She can’t say her wishes came true, because she hadn’t known what to wish for.

But, she certainly has everything it takes to make a previously tired and lonely little dog realize how very lucky she is now.

Emily says they have never regretted for a moment taking Montana along on their trip of a lifetime.

And, certainly, Montana is grateful they made the decision they did!

Here’s hoping the rest of their life together will be just as spectacular as their meeting!

Source: Animals Being Cute

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and the pool.

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