Terrified Stray Found Suffering In The Streets…As Rescuers Close In, They Make A Shocking Discovery

For animal rescuers, stray dogs are par for the course.

Sure, there are dozens and dozens of different breeds, all with different attributes and temperaments.

But for the most part, a rescuer can look at a lost canine and say, “Yes, that is indeed a dog.”

However, when rescuers stumbled across this lonely creature on the streets of Los Angeles, they realized that though it looked like a dog, well…

In fact, the animal they rescued, which they dubbed New Boy, was only part dog.

From a distance, he looked like many of the 200,000 stray dogs the LA rescuers have saved over the years.

But in fact, New Boy was a rarity:

A wolf-dog hybrid!

This isn’t something out of a scary story (just in time for Halloween, right?); wolf-dogs actually do occur naturally, though not often.

The wild wolf and its tamer domesticated counterpart are closely related enough so breeding can sometimes yield such a hybrid.

And unfortunately, New Boy was terrified and in poor condition; he was scared of humans, anemic, and dehydrated.

Said W.O.L.F. sanctuary director of animal care Michelle Proulx:

When we first met him, he was extremely timid and very scared.

So, New Boy’s new caretakers had their work cut out for them.

Michelle added that wolf-dogs often don’t make it past age two because their owners abandon them.

The problem is that wolves have specific temperaments that dogs don’t have, which can cause obvious issues for many owners.

Therefore, the rescuers decided to build up New Boy’s appetite, teach him to trust people, and then pair him with a female friend.

It took some time but finally the animal started to trust humans a bit more and ultimately, the fear started to melt away.

And even though it’s still a work in progress, the once-fearful creature is really starting to warm up.

When you see how this once-petrified animal reacts to his new human friends, you’ll want to stand up and cheer!

Source: Honest to Paws

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