When Sully Starts Coughing And Choking They Rush To The Vet, Doctor Laughs Hysterically

That little stinker!

Dogs never want their owners to leave.

Being the loving loyal companions they are, they hate to see us go, and love to see us when we return.

And of course, we want them to be healthy and happy.

But what if one very smart dog knew all this, and decided to use it to his advantage…?

Sully lives with his owners, Kennady Longhurst and Alex Salsberry, in Utah. And one afternoon, Sully started coughing.

Actually, it sounded like a cross between a cough and a choke, so Alex and Kennady were immediately concerned.

But other than this strange sound, Sully appeared to be in good spirits.

When the coughing sound went away that night, the owners figured everything was okay.

Unfortunately, it was back the next morning so they decided to take Sully to the vet to get him checked out.

After a thorough examination, the doctor came back with some startling news…

There was nothing wrong with Sully. In fact, he’d just been playing a trick on Kennady and Alex!

Yes, Sully actually faked being sick to get their attention and keep them from going to work.

It’s the old don’t-want-to-go-to-school ploy we all tried in our youth, and Sully was actually smart enough to do it!

As Kennady wrote on Instagram:

After $85 our vet told us OUR DOG WAS FAKE COUGHING FOR ATTENTION. (And it worked).

Later, she told Buzzfeed that they’re “pretty sure he knows that we know he was faking it.”

She added that they “baby him so much he probably learned that if he acted weird or different someone would spend the day with him.”

Well, they did. This amazing dog pulled it off!

All he wanted to do was keep his favorite people in the world from going off to work and leaving him behind.

In one way, it’s hilarious. In another, it’s just plain adorable. 😉

Sources: Hello Giggles, Buzzfeed

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