Sue Surprises Her Husband With A Cute New Puppy — The Puny Pup Shocked Them Both

When Sue Markham decided she wanted a dog, her husband was a tough sell. He wasn’t convinced the family needed a pet.

Finally, he agreed that Sue could have a dog…provided she found a small one.

Armed with his permission, Sue headed out for the shelter. She fell in love with a cute little fellow and immediately adopted him.

When she got home, she told her husband the puppy was a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russells don’t get very big and make excellent pets.

They’re happy-go-lucky little mostly-white dogs with dark faces and occasionally some spots. And, did we mention, they stay small?

That was the selling point for Sue when she told her husband that’s what the puppy they named Yogi was.

Yep, he’s a Jack Russell Terrier. Really.

The puppy Sue brought home with her had a mostly black body but had a masked face and was cute as can be, so Sue’s husband decided to believe her.

He reminded her again though, he didn’t want a big dog.

But long before Yogi stopped growing, it was pretty obvious to everyone that he wasn’t a Jack Russell.

In fact, his head alone was bigger than most JRTs.

As it turned out, Yogi was, in fact, a Great Dane.

In fact, he’s called a “Boston” Dane because of his color pattern which resembles a Boston Terrier.

A Jack Russell Terrier weighs less than 20 pounds when full grown, even if he’s really well fed.

On the flip side, the average weight of an adult Great Dane male is 135 pounds.

And Yogi? Well, this robust animal weighs in at a whopping 200 pounds. That’s the size of a full term baby elephant!

When Yogi stands up on his rear legs, he’s taller than an average NBA player, at 6’11”!

Wow. Let’s all be thankful that he has kept his sweet and gentle temperament intact.

And indeed, his family says he is the sweetest dog they’ve ever known.

He’s even made friends with a neighborhood cat that drops in every once in awhile to say hello and spend some time with his big giant dog friend.

It takes a lot of food to keep a 200-pound dog running at full efficiency. This is what his breakfast looks like…

As you might expect, all of that kibble and eggs can run up a family’s grocery bill pretty quickly.

But the family doesn’t mind the extra expense; they say Yogi is definitely worth it.

And of course, by the time Yogi was five months old, Sue couldn’t maintain the charade any longer.

It was obvious that Yogi wasn’t a Jack Russell. The first hint was when they had to buy a horse blanket to fit him instead of being able to find him a dog sweater at the pet store!

The good news is Sue’s husband says he forgave Sue a long time ago for her deception. He says he wouldn’t change a thing about Yogi.

Although, he does sort of wish he had a little more room on the couch for watching TV. If Yogi gets there first, there’s very little room left for him and Sue.

All in all, though, the whole family agrees that they are grateful that Sue told a little white lie to be able to bring Yogi home.

He has ended up being the perfect family member and none of them can imagine a life without him in it.

Best wishes for a long and happy life together. (We hope he’s stopped growing now!)

Source: Animals Being Cute

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