Hilarious Talking Dog Responds To Dad Saying He Got Him A Kitten

Cats and dogs are proverbial enemies. But the truth is that many of them get along and are even great friends.

Nonetheless, there is often still some sibling rivalry and worries about attention when a new pet is brought home.

While animal lovers often wish we could better understand how our pets communicate and even speak the same language, we can’t. True, we can understand a lot of what we communicate to one another.

However, even the dog and person with the closest of relationships still lack a thorough understanding of what the other is communicating.

That’s what led the man in this clip to dub his video.

While he couldn’t accurately express his dog’s opinion of a new cat becoming his sibling, the man could speculate as to what his faithful canine might have in mind.

The results have set the internet on fire.

Watch the moment when his person teases him about what kind of animal would be joining their family. Snake? Guinea pig? Mice? Gerbil? Parrots? Newt? Hamster? Hermit crab?

Then the “dog” threatens to chew the arms of the couch if his person doesn’t reveal exactly what type of animal was being brought home. In the end, we learn that he’s getting a cat.

So, what do you think? How do you think your dog would respond if you could understand one another clearly and you told him or her that you were adopting a kitten?

Would they react like this dog did or would they run for the hills?

Source: FaithTap


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