Unloved And Terrified Of People, The Vet Tries To Pet Edie. Her Response Is Pure Magic

Edie had been abused. She arrived at the shelter neglected and with her fur matted together terribly.

She was deemed unadoptable because she was so terrified to be around people. Tragically, Edie was scheduled to be put down.

But that’s when one amazing person stepped up and said no. Edie was taken to a vet for a thorough exam.

Over time, she learned that the people around her were kind and she began to realize that they would help her.

Edie’s fears began to subside and her true nature began to emerge. With the love and care she received from Hope for Paws, Edie became an adorable, sweet, loving dog.

Edie had been deemed unadoptable. But that was not true.

She just needed love and care. Let’s not give up on dogs in shelters who may be a little standoffish.

They may just need a little extra TLC to become a valuable member of your family.

At first, Edie tries to hide in her crate. She is terrified of a leash and runs to the corner to hide.

She’s barking and fiercely trying to escape the leash. She was so frightened that she defecated.

After a few very trying moments, Edie received one of her first pets ever.

She finally let herself be held and loved for the first time. The expression on her face as she begins to feel comfort is awe-inspiring.

Source: We Love Animals

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