Therapy Dog Lies Down Next To A Brain-Damaged Boy, Doctors Then Gasp In Consternation

Sometimes, the love of a four-legged friend can make all the difference in the world.

The family of Caleb Howard can attest to that fact wholeheartedly.

When Caleb was just six-years-old, he was severely injured in a horrifying car accident.

The accident claimed the lives of Caleb’s mom and his siblings, but he was able to miraculously hang on, albeit with a traumatic brain injury.

It was touch and go for some time, and his dad, Ben, wasn’t optimistic that his son would show any signs of recovery.

Fortunes began to change, however, when a gorgeous golden retriever named Colonel became involved in Caleb’s life.

Certain magical pets can have a profound effect…

Colonel is from Intermountain Therapy Animals, and Caleb would gradually get more and more alert each time he came around.

In fact, Caleb’s reactions to the pup were so drastic, the doctors were absolutely stunned!

And what followed was something rather miraculous:

Just a month after the visits from Colonel began, Caleb’s condition improved dramatically.

He regained his speech and mobility, and he was a whole lot more aware and alert.

It was as if Colonel was single-handedly fixing Caleb, and without any MD degree, either! 🙂

Fast forward to the present, and Caleb is in school and doing just fine.

What an amazing turnaround!

His father recently shared an update on social media, and the family hasn’t forgotten how things took a turn for the better for Caleb:

“I am pleased to share that after 8 years and over a dozen horrific surgeries Caleb is doing great and is attending regular school now and achieving very good grades.

He has been a great example of courage to his family and many others.

We will never forget Colonel and his wonderful handler Susan,” Ben wrote on Facebook.

Source: NTD.TV

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