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These 15 Decadent Cats Say Rules Are for Fools

With their soft fur, gentle purring, and beguiling eyes, cats have wrapped their fuzzy little paws around our hearts. And when a kitty crosses our path, it’s just about impossible to resist the urge to pet them. Some of us (including me) laugh daily over funny cat memes and videos that show just how adorable our feline clowns really are.

Who can resist those toe beans? Photo by Kerri Lee Smith license CC NC SA 2.0 via Flickr

But perhaps the most interesting thing about our kitties is that no matter how cuddly and lovable they are, cats are still their own bosses. They retain the spirit of their wild ancestors and bring a bit of feline anarchy into our lives. While managing to be adorable at the same time, of course.

And the kitties below are no exception. In one way or another, they are all setting their own rules. It’s their planet, and we all just live here.

Mmmmh…tastes like chicken!

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No, you do not get to tell ME where to hang out!

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Oh, sorry about your face!

Inspector cat is watching you

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Cats don’t need anyone to teach them yoga. They are all masters at it.

This cat, who apparently doesn’t like sharing the same planet with the dog

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These two redecorating the house

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It’s mine! All mine!

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And who needs all that high-fat pizza anyway?

This cat who will stay right where he darn well wants to

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And this cool cat wearing sunglasses like a boss!

Screen capture courtesy of WinkGo

I don’t know how this happened; I’m just as surprised as you

Screen capture courtesy of reddit user u/zzz57123

But you have to admit this kitty sure does look cute while acting innocent.

How dare you do yoga without me

Screen capture by Bright Side

This cat who’s awakening his inner panther

I told you I don’t like this lamp

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And finally, proof that cats have been rule-breakers for a long time

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Think of how boring our lives would be without these dedicated rule-breakers. The cat is the ultimate hedonist, and they don’t feel the least bit bad about it. They know how to enjoy their lives and have fun. Our kitties are the real bosses — we just have to get used to it.

And somehow, our kitties manage to be cute while doing it. Amazing.

Featured Image Screen capture by Cats On Catnip

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