Timmie the Elderly Terrier Just Got a Sick, New Ride

I can remember my grandfather saying, “Getting old is NOT for sissies.” His friends always nodded solemnly and agreed with him.

Joints stop working the way they should. Muscles and tendons pull and strain with almost no effort. Sometimes just the simple act of walking across the floor can be excruciating.

It isn’t just humans that notice the aches and pains associated with growing older. Our pets go through the same issues that we do. Take for instance the case of Timmie, a 16-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

If he were a human, he’d just be getting his driver’s license and getting around would be a piece of cake. But, in dog years, 16 is an old man. And Timmie has gotten to the point where just getting from Point A to Point B can be pretty painful.

Stairs were particularly hard on his body, and every passing day made going up or down almost impossible.

If he went up and down them too much he would come to a stop and I’d have to carry him the rest of the way,” said his 27-year-old owner, Duncan Evans.

It’s not just the physical act of climbing the stairs that can be issue. As you get older, it can get more difficult to keep your balance. One time, Timmie hurt his leg falling down the stairs.

Evans realized that his health issues played a factor in these types of incidents. “Timmie has to take lots of medication for his enlarged heart and problems with his lungs, so he’s not meant to do strenuous exercise,” he said.

Timmie’s quite old, and although he can get up and down ok now, but I wanted to preserve his life and that little ticker of his.”

Fortunately for this geriatric canine from Wales, he has an owner who is not only caring — he’s quite talented and creative.

In an effort to make mobility a little easier for Timmie, Evans designed an “electric skateboard trailer” specifically used for long walks. It allows Timmie to still be able to go on the walks with his owner that he’d always loved.

But, Evans’s best invention yet was a motorized stairlift dubbed the “Santa Paws.”

Timmie was so grateful for all the extra help that allows him to stay close to his human, he was a good sport about Evans dressing him up like Santa for this YouTube video.

The cute little Santa sleigh stairlift was Evans’ Christmas gift to Timmie. After some training, the dog eventually even learned how to even use it on his own.

As a graphic designer, Evans said he really enjoyed doing something extreme for his best friend. Anything to keep him at his side a little longer!

Here’s hoping little Timmie gets to take a lot of rides in Santa’s sleigh, and that he continues to be at Evans’ side for the New Year ahead.

Source: Liftable

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