Tiny Calico Kitten Abandoned And Left To Die. Unlikely Hero Says “Not Today”

The one thing that all heroes have in common is…most of them didn’t wake up that morning and decide, “Hey! I think I’ll be a hero today.”

While some people like policemen and firefighters are trained to be heroes, most ordinary heroes aren’t trained at all for the tasks they find themselves doing.

When fate hands you a serious problem, a real hero tries to solve it, whether it is in their comfort zone or not.

That’s what happened to Imgur user named Alan when he found himself the new dad of a 4-week-old weak and sickly kitten. 

Alan knew next to nothing when he agreed to take on the task of attempting to save the life of a kitten that had been abandoned by its real mom. Nature can be cruel and if a mother animal realizes it doesn’t have the physical ability to raise an entire litter, it will shove away the weakest to give a better chance to the stronger ones.

This kitten, although weak, was a real fighter. Even with mom trying to push it away, it had managed to get enough milk every day to stay alive, if not thriving.

It was well below the expected weight and was very weak when it came to Alan. But, it had only to look up at him with those big baby blue eyes and Alan knew he had to do whatever it took to give it a chance at life.

And a hero was born!

He immediately started posting adorable pictures of her online. He had decided to name her Sansa. This little girl’s big blue eyes reminded him of actress Sophie Turner, who played Sansa on the HBO series Game of Thrones.

It wasn’t just the eyes though. As a calico, the little kitten had small patches of ginger hair that matched the actress’s auburn mane. That pretty much did it for the similarities, though.

In the TV show and original books, Sansa was a princess who was decorated head to toe in all sorts of lavish garments. Feline Sansa, on the other hand, was scruffy and ragged—and definitely more peasant than royalty.

When the people of the internet saw Sansa, it didn’t elicit all oohs and aaahs at her adorableness as Alan had expected.

A lot of people who knew a lot about raising kittens expressed concerns right away. “I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t have been taken from her mother yet,” expressed one commenter. “If I were you I’d take her to a vet to be sure about it.

One by one, other users questioned poor Sansa’s state as well: “Where is the mother? Kittens need to be socialized. Whats up?” Alan explained the situation, but it didn’t take long for him to realize he was in over his head. He was not prepared to take care of a newborn kitten, let alone one so small and needy.

His heart sank. Had he made a mistake in agreeing to give this kitty a chance?

But, heroes don’t question themselves. And when they realize they don’t know something, they don’t hide it. They start to learn.

And learn he did. With the help from all of the knowledgeable people around the world who commented on his album of Sansa, he learned what he needed to know to get and keep her healthy.

Once he admitted online that he “didn’t prepare all the things she needed” everyone stepped in to help, sharing every bit of information they could find, or had learned through experience.

One of the first things he was told to do was to change her diet. He had thought that all he’d need to do was toss out some kibble and water and she’d be fine. He quickly learned that wasn’t the case.

He began scrambling eggs for her until the formula he’d ordered arrived in the mail. She ate like a little tiger. It was probably the first time her tummy had been completely full since she was born.

When the formula arrived, she was a little too old to be drinking from a bottle, but she was so stunted physically and emotionally that she did her best. And again her little tummy bulged with goodness.

Before long, she was darting about and playing with toys and her favorite thing of all…boxes. She didn’t have a mom to teach her about the thrill of a great box, but Papa Alan taught her.

Sansa repaid his love, matching it with total adoration. Without a mother cat that loved her, Sansa was happy to accept Alan as her parental unit. And, he did everything a mother cat should have done, except give birth to her.

He fed her good nutritious food, he taught her right from wrong, he told her about ways to have fun, and most of all, he offered her unconditional love. Even when she was a bad kitty!

He had to find acceptable things for her to wrestle with, claw and chew, as his skin wasn’t quite as tough as his mom and siblings fur-covered skin would have been.

She [started] to bite me,” he had commented on Imgur. “Need a way to stop [her] from doing that.” Seems like Sansa had finally found the strength she’d been lacking!

The only thing that disappointed Alan, momentarily, was that Sansa’s eyes didn’t stay blue. He didn’t know that all baby cats have blue eyes, but most change to green as they get older.

He realized that seeing Sansa with green eyes just meant that he was doing a great job and she was growing older and healthy. So, he decided green eyes were absolutely perfect for her!

Like most kids, Sansa started growing up faster than her dad really wanted her too. Before long, she was a beauty with a plush fluffy coat.

Eventually, that beautiful coat needed a shampoo. Alan took a deep breath and plunged into the task. He reported that Sansa was not impressed. And, frankly, neither was he.

Once she was dry and happy again though, all was back to normal. And, now, at long last, Sansa looked like the princess whose name she bore.

We know that Alan is proud of the job he did taking that straggly little runt of the litter all the way up to beautiful princess. Thanks to the folks on the internet that helped guide him into the right directions as he went along.

Congratulations to everyone involved. You’re a very lucky girl, Princess Sansa!

Source: Honest To Paws

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