How Do You Catch A Dog Named Flash? Well, Not Like That!

Dogs don’t get a say in who adopts them. They don’t know if they are going to a loving, forever home, or facing abuse and neglect.

For a dog named Flash, his first gamble didn’t turn out so well.

He was abandoned, along with another dog, when his family moved away.

They didn’t try to find their furry family members a new home, or even drop them off at the humane society. No, they just left them alone and scared.

So, the two dogs took shelter in the only place they could.

Six months after the family had moved, a neighbor discovered the two dogs living under the porch.

They immediately put food out for the dogs and called the animal rescue organization Hope For Paws.

When workers from HFP came to get the dogs, only one would come out. He quickly found a home with a nearby neighbor. But the other dog, Flash, wouldn’t budge from under the house.

So rescuers Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz set a trap using a crate and a bowl of food. Flash took the bait, but earned his name by slipping the crate as the gate closed.

Flash was too smart to fall for the same trick twice so they abandoned the crate for a new plan.

They laid in wait for Flash to come out on his own after blocking the hole back to his hiding place.

Soon they were able to grab him and, despite his distress, get him safely controlled.

It wasn’t long before Flash’s feral side started to subside and he remembered his domestic life. He let his rescuers pet and love on him.

Vets found that Flash was still healthy despite the neglect he endured over the course of the six months he was abandoned. And, it wasn’t long before he found a forever home.

He did have to go through some training for his abandonment issues, but today he is doing great.

Check out how the HFP workers were able to catch Flash in the video below.

It will make you grateful for people who do all the hard work to help animals get a better life.

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Margo Phillips

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