Parents Panic When Toddler Disappears Into Cornfield, What Followed Him Into The Maze Stuns Searchers!

Even the most vigilant parent knows a child can disappear from sight in an instant.

It’s a desperate, sinking feeling.

Your child is there one second, and the next sends you into sheer panic.

All the terrible possibilities race through your mind as you struggle to stay calm and focus on reuniting your child.

What’s worse is realizing you can’t find your child.

It’s a situation faced by a Richmond, Minnesota, family enjoying an afternoon on the farm.

Their 2-year-old son, Mason, was playing outside the farm house with his cousins.

Before anyone realized, Mason wandered into a nearby cornfield.

Family members quickly began searching for the toddler as soon as they knew he was missing.

They couldn’t find him without help and called the authorities.

The farming community jumped into action as 200 volunteers along with police officers and firefighters joined the search. A police helicopter was dispatched as the evening grew darker and the temperature dropped.

The search later revealed that when Mason wandered into the cornfield he was followed.

The family’s English Springer Spaniel, Bella Grace, spotted the boy leave the group and followed along, accompanied by Bella Grace’s 12-week-old puppy, Madeline.

The dogs not only kept watch over the lost boy, they provided an important sign to help searchers.

That police helicopter was equipped with thermal image cameras (infrared imaging).

If it had just been the boy alone in the cornfield, his heat signature would have been small.

The dogs added a larger heat “footprint,” and the thermal imaging tracked them down.

Trying to find the toddler in the dark in the middle of a maze of cornstalks could have taken all night or into the next day. Such an extended time would have been bad for Mason in the cooler temperatures.

After a few hours searching, the helicopter pilot spotted the lost trio – Bella Grace’s tail was wagging away – and relayed their location to searchers on the ground.

Bella Grace was found sitting next to Mason, barking up a storm to attract help. Mason was crying, but okay.

“The dogs are very protective over all the kids,” Mason’s grandmother, Jerri Gertken, told the media. “(Bella Grace) sat right next to (Mason) and she barked the whole time.”

Man’s best friend is a toddler’s best protector. Keep an eye on them, and keep them close.

Watch more of Mason’s cornfield dilemma here:

Source: NTD TV

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