Toddler Disappears In The Woods, Police Follow Paw Prints — What They Find Blows Their Minds!

There’s nothing more terrifying than realizing your child has slipped out of the house. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to the toddler in our story today. Would the myseterious paw prints lead rescuers to a happy ending?


Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a parent like not knowing where their child is.

Chelsea Nobel, 21, of Harrison County, Mississippi just lived through that nightmare:

She woke up one cold autumn night to a horrifying discovery that her two-year-old son William was not in his bed.

There wasn’t a single clue to the intrepid toddler’s location. He was just gone.

At some point in the middle of the night, William had apparently gotten up on his own and wandered out of the house.

Why he would do such a thing—and how—wasn’t entirely clear, but either way, his mother was beyond worried.

She immediately called the authorities to ask for help in finding William. Soon, help arrived in droves.

The search

The police broadcast an Amber Alert — hoping that someone may have seen the little boy.

Rescue workers immediately began to comb the area. They used everything from ATVs courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks to K-9 units.

At one point even a helicopter was involved in the search. Still, it appeared that the little boy had just vanished into thin air. No one could find a trace of the little man.

Fortunately, no one gave up hope.

It wasn’t just the organized rescue workers who became involved, either; neighbors and other volunteers stepped in to help as well.

Paw prints

Finally, rescue workers sent out a triumphant cry:

They had not found the boy but they HAD found a set of what was almost certainly his footprints.

The search moved to that immediate area.

Moments later, the rescuers announced that a second set of footprints had been discovered — right alongside the boy’s.

But this wasn’t a set of human prints.

At first, that sounded a little scary. Then the police informed Chelsea that it appeared that her son had a canine travel companion.

Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief.

You see, the family dog Jezebel had not answered when she had called earlier. If she was with the boy, at least he had a small amount of protection, from cold as well as predators.

The search continued for the pair.

Pieces of the puzzle came together when 10-year-old Blake Carroll was coming home from school and heard the horn on his uncle’s old truck beeping.

Beep beep!

Upon investigation, Blake noticed a dog circling the truck, trying to get inside.

There, much to Blake’s surprise was William inside the truck!

Everyone rushed to the scene. When they saw that William was indeed safe, the search was officially called off.

Thankfully, a happy ending!

As you might expect, it was an emotional reunion between the boy and his tearful mother.

Thank goodness!

The rescue party had been advised that William was recently tested for autism, as he’s mostly nonverbal.

This was possibly why he didn’t respond when people called out his name during the search.

It’s also another reason why it was so important that Jezebel remained by his side.

William escaped from his grand adventure with only a few scrapes and scratches.

Thanks to Jezebel, he had had company through the night so he didn’t get too scared. And most likely her body heat helped keep him warm.

What a very good girl

She had loyally stayed by his side and protected him for over 7 hours, through a long cold night.

Thanks to Jezebel, this very lucky family will spend many wonderful nights together.

Whatever happens to William in the future, it’s a sure bet that it will happen under Jezebel’s watchful eye.

Source: Honest To Paws

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