Tourist Spots Monkey Cradling Something Strange…She Inches Closer, And Her Jaw Drops

When it comes to monkeys, you never know what to expect.

Some of them can be worse than packrats, finding something shiny and becoming obsessed with it.

In captivity, monkeys can become very attached to stuffed animals and human toys and spend every waking moment keeping it close to them.

In the wild however, it’s a little harder for a monkey to find interesting things to add to their collection.

Amateur photographer Anne Young visited the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia in 2008 to capture some pictures of wild monkeys.

She expected to get lots of shots of monkeys acting in typical monkey fashion, doing what monkeys do best.

What she didn’t expect was to happen upon a monkey who had found something quite out of the ordinary to hold his attention.

The monkey was cuddling a ginger kitten!

She watched the pair for a few

moments, shooting as many photos as possible, but the monkey was unhappy that he was being watched.

He kept turning away, trying to shield the kitten from the camera. Once, he even picked up a large leaf and put it over the kitten’s face.

He nuzzled the kitten, holding it tenderly, much as a mother would cradle her baby in her arms.

The kitten seemed pretty resigned to the attention. Which was a good thing, as every time it started to wander off, its guardian would pull it back and begin cuddling and grooming it.

Anne couldn’t believe her good fortune in happening upon such an amazing duo.

Certainly not a sight you’d expect to see on a jungle floor!

When the plucky primate finally allowed the kitten to roam about, the other monkeys seemed to accept it as part of their troop.

The kitten didn’t seem to think there was anything curious about his family, making Anne wonder how long it had been with them and whether or not its mother had abandoned it.

It’s not unheard of for one species of animal to adopt a different species if a baby has been abandoned.

It’s somewhat unusual for the adoptive parent to be a male, though.

Maybe this guy was just the stepdad and his wife was back in the tree fixing dinner for him and his kitten?

Whatever their relationship, it certainly made for some photos of a lifetime for Anne.

We are so glad she shared them! Wishing this unlikely duo the very best.

Source: NTD TV

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