Two Dogs See Each Other Across The Park. They Sprint Towards Each Other, When The Owners Find Out Why…Wow!

We’ve all heard stories about animals that remember things far longer than we humans might expect. The lion that remembers the man that removed a thorn from his paw when he was a cub. The bear that shows affection for someone who was kind to him a decade earlier.

We sometimes forget their great access for memory and affection that all creatures, and especially dogs, have.

Until stories like the following make us remember what exceptional creatures dogs truly are!

Sevro au Barka, a German shepherd-border collie mix, was walking through the park with his owner Calvin Crook one crisp fall day when he took off, sprinting across the grass toward another dog.

It totally took his owner by surprise as the 4-month-old pup immediately ran straight for another puppy and began to roughhouse. The owner of the other puppy was a little surprised as well.

Not only because another puppy had run up to his dog so wide-open, but that his own puppy had jumped into the fray so quickly.

The two dogs ran right for each other and began a full-on wrestling playtime instantly,” Crook told The Dodo. “They seemed very similar and comfortable right away.”

They reacted as if they were old friends, but the chances of Sevro running into someone he recognized were slim. They had met at the expansive Sue Higgins Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But, nonetheless, it was obvious that something special was happening.

Sevro had met a lot of animals since he’d come to live with Crook after leaving his litter of 9 puppies. He was always open and outgoing, but, nothing like this.

There is definitely a distinctive way they play with each other compared to other puppies they meet,” Crook said.

As Crook watched his dog jump with excitement, he struck up a conversation with the owners of the mysterious new playmate, who he learned was named Harley.

We began noticing the similar traits of the dogs — both shepherd-collie mix, nearly 4 months old,” Crook said.

It was unlikely they were related though, their looks were very dissimilar.

[Sevro] looks like he is a furry black bear, with brown socks on,” Crook said, while Harley is a golden brown, and yet, there was something so familiar about them together.

Crook remembered that he had saved a few photos of Sevro’s parents and littermates on his phone. He pulled them up to show the other dog’s owner.

They were both stunned as they realized the truth. “It was then we found out they were siblings,” Crook said.

The puppies had only been apart for nine weeks but were clearly overjoyed to see each other again. It was obvious that their connection as littermates had been far greater than the usual.

Most siblings, when reunited, seem to show no more attraction than usual to each other. Even a dog’s parents may not seem to recognize them when they meet after being separated.

But, not Sevro and Harley. They had known each other immediately.

And, Crook remembers, Sevro had had a harder time adjusting to being away from his littermates than puppies usually have. There is always an adjustment period, but Sevro had been especially morose.

Source: The Dodo

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