Look At This Two-Faced Cat – Her Unique Markings Are Unbelievable

Comic book fans hear the name Two Face and automatically think of the Batman villain. But this two-faced cat is far from villainous.

Venus is a two-faced cat whose image has gone viral.

Her image has caused a firestorm as those on social media debate if her image is real or not. Her owners insist that it is.

Venus’s face is split perfectly down the middle.

One side of her face is completely black with a mesmerizing emerald green eye. The other side of her face is that of an orange tabby with a gorgeous sky-blue eye.

The black side includes black whiskers and a single white one while the tabby side includes white whiskers with a single black one.

Venus’s body is a beautiful blend of tabby and black coloring giving her a collage of black and orange coloring.

Venus’s unusual and striking appearance is due to a medical condition known as Chimera.

Essentially, Chimera occurs as a result of a genetic mutation that occurs when twin embryos merge.

The result is that animals with Chimera are actually a combination of fraternal twins. It sounds hard to believe, but this rare condition is real.

People are clearly taken aback when they see Venus. No one is quite sure what to make of her appearance. But everyone seems to love her.

Despite her unusual appearance and her medical condition, Venus is just like any other cat. She likes to play and snuggle and do all the things that other cats enjoy.

Source: Pawpulous



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