Tydus Was A Tiny, Cute Puppy…But His Owners’ Minds Are Blown When They See What He Becomes!

How much is that doggie in the window?

Before you even ask that question you should do your homework. If you want a cuddly little lap dog, research dog breeds to find one that will be what you want as an adult.

All puppies are cute. But, shelters are full of dogs that outgrew their cute puppy fuzz and became adults that the owners no longer found adorable.

Sometimes though, no matter how well you research, Mother Nature will toss a curve ball at you.

Whether it’s a genetic glitch, or perhaps an error in a pedigree somewhere, sometimes even a purebred dog will not grow up to look like either parent. Sometimes not even like grandparents or great-grands.

That’s the case of an enormous Malamute named Tydus who is capturing the heart of everyone who sees him on the Internet or walking down the street.

When Ymma Saloojee adopted Tydus, he was a tiny, adorable little fluffball. It would have been easy to fall in love with him, even if you knew that you really wanted a little lapdog.

Saloojee had done her research, she knew that an average male purebred Malamute should weigh about 85 pounds. She was expecting Tydus to grow up to be a big guy.

But, no one could have predicted how very big he would become.

The growth spurts came on gradually. At first, they barely noticed that Tydus was growing. But, when he didn’t stop growing and kept on getting taller and broader (and hairier) they got a little concerned.

Finally, it seems that Tydus has “topped out” at a whopping 120 pounds at 2-1/2 years old.

His ‘brother’, Shadow, a Husky mix, enjoyed having the puppy around at first. Then quickly decided that a puppy personality in a body twice his size wasn’t really all that much fun.

And, “fun” should definitely be Tydus’s middle name! He’s always up for a game of tug of war, or wrestling, or just hanging out with his peeps.

Lucky for his family, Tydus did retain his goofy happy puppy personality. That much weight coming at you with intent to harm could definitely do some real damage.

They admit that sometimes, even in play, Tydus can deal some blows that he doesn’t mean to deal. But, they love him and can’t imagine him being one bit different than he is.

He is always gentle with them, even in play.

As Soloojee says on Instagram, “Our arms actually belong to Tydus. He just lets us use them.”

He grew up to be such a handsome young man, with such a beautiful coat and gentle personality that most people don’t notice right away that on his rear legs, he would be almost as tall as them. He is in fact as tall as Saloojee.

His fluffiness is the first thing that catches attention, then his size,” Saloojee told The Dodo.

The Instagram caption for this photo says, “I think we could be a better Beauty and the Beast than Beauty and the Beast – someone get Disney on the phone!  #alaskanmalamute #tydus#beautyandthebeast #dancingdoggo”

I think maybe she’s right! “Tale as old as time, true as it can be.” Except, I’m not sure I’d cast Tydus in the role of “beast.” He’s way too handsome for that!

He still loves toys as much as when he was a baby, but the size of his toys has had to grow right along with him. Now, a larger-than-life monkey is one of his bff’s.

When you see Tydus standing beside a child, you can really tell how enormous he is. Even though Saloojee says that a lot of his size is the big fluffy coat, the distance from feet to tip of ears isn’t camoflaged by hair! That’s all dog!

“To be honest, his size comes from all that magical fluff,” Saloojee said. If he gets bigger, “I might get crushed if he does!” she joked.

It appears that Tydus has finally stopped growing. Thank goodness. But, it wouldn’t matter how big he gets. He is secure in the knowledge that his family loves him, no matter what.

What more can a dog (or human) ask for? Someone to be beside us, no matter what. 

Source: NTD TV

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