Look At These Unexpected Friendships That Defy Explanation

The companionship we experience as pet owners is heartwarming, to say the least. What pet owner doesn’t love coming hope to find their pet longing for a snuggle, a game of fetch or a gentle rub?

It soothes us and further builds the bond between pet and person.

Some pets are so social that they simply can’t help but be friends with all around them, even if they are typically considered enemies.

Such is the case with the animals in this video. This compilation includes many unlikely friends.

People tend to enjoy these moments. It’s simply adorable to most of us when we see a cat and a dog snuggling up together. But what about a dog and a kangaroo?

The kangaroo even appears to pet the dog.

Dogs are among the most social animals including some who enjoy playing with horses, chicks and even a parrot.

Have you ever seen a dog and a duck wrestle with one another?

And what about deer? They are usually fearful of other animals. But not these!

Here you’ll see a kitten and a fawn snuggling together in a pet bed and a deer and dog playing with one another, enjoying their time together immensely.

Then there are animals who are natural enemies or who rarely even encounter one another in the wild.

Ever wonder what would happen if a goat and a camel shared the same pen? What about a white tiger and a male lion? Or a tiger and a bear?

Even owls and cats can get along sometimes.

Many animals simply have the uncanny ability to make friends with just about anyone. Check out these videos of friendships that you have to see to believe!


Source: Animalz TV



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