UPS Driver Visit Sweet Neighborhood Dog Daily, Then One Day She Was So Shaken She Grabbed Her Phone

Delivery folks get to know the pets along their route almost as well as they know the people that sign for their packages. And many admit, they like the pets better.

Most drivers carry doggy snacks in their truck to give to their favorite dogs. While some dogs still treat people driving delivery trucks as if they were marauding bandits, most of them quickly start looking forward to hearing those trucks rumble in.

You can see the love firsthand on a Facebook Page called UPS Dogs where drivers post pictures and stories about the special dogs they encounter on their routes.

That’s where UPS driver Katie Newhouse first told the world about a dog named Leo that would eventually change her life. She had gotten quite attached to Leo during her visits to his house, where he always met her with a wagging tail and big smile on his face.

She liked Leo so much that she was helping his owner, Tina, find legal representation after residents of their building began making trouble with Tina because of Leo’s breed.

They bought into the ignorant media hype of “all pit bulls are killers” and they were insisting that Leo be kept muzzled whenever he was not in their apartment. They would have preferred that Leo not live there at all.

Then Katie drove by one day and saw a moving van pulling out of the driveway. Thinking that Tina and Leo might be moving after all, she called Tina’s son, Cannon to ask questions.

Through tears, Cannon told  Katie that his mom had unexpectedly passed away and Leo’s fate was now uncertain. Cannon is a marine and can’t have a dog where he is stationed.

Due to the stigma of Leo’s breed, it was proving impossible to find a foster or adoptive home for him. Katie was saddened with the news of her friend’s passing. But the thought of something bad now happening to Leo was heartbreaking.

She knew that Tina would be heartbroken too. Leo had filled a big piece of her heart since the day Cannon had brought him home to her.

Tina had known immediately that Leo was too young to have left his mother, but circumstances dictated that he couldn’t go back. So, she got a bottle and formula and became Leo’s surrogate mama.

They bonded almost immediately. They shared that bond with Katie once they met. Now Katie knew that she couldn’t let either Tina or Leo down when they needed her most. The photo above is of Leo and Tina together just before she died.

So, even though she had three dogs of her own already, she offered to foster Leo until a permanent home could be found. She was a bit worried about how her dogs would react to the massive new member of the family, but her worries were unfounded.

“The whole vibe in the house changed as soon as we brought him home. He is the biggest, most lovable dog that you will ever meet. He was instantly running around the yard with my dogs.”

There’s a term we use in rescue called “foster failure.” It’s when a foster family fails at fostering…because they’ve decided they want to permanently adopt the animal.

And, after just a short while Katie informed Cannon that she was indeed a foster failure. She and her dogs had unanimously decided that life was better with Leo in it. They wanted him to stay.

Cannon was overjoyed with Katie’s failure. And Leo thinks that things turned out pretty well too. Katie knows that Leo still misses Tina. But she is grateful that he has adapted so easily into her family.

“I do know that Leo missed Tina when he first got here. He would whine at night before he would fall asleep. It was heartbreaking, really. He still does every once in a while. I know he misses her.”

His only complaint is that he now has to eat dog food. Tina had always fed Leo whatever she was eating, but Katie knows that isn’t good for a dog.

She admits now though that because of Leo’s preferences, she boils chicken which she adds to all her dogs’ food. No wonder the other dogs accepted Leo so quickly. He scored chicken for them!

Leo making himself at home with his new adopted family.

They don’t just love him for the food though. Leo is lots of fun to have around.

He loves playing pranks on his little sister, Bailey. He bumps her over and over on the bottom until she finally gets exasperated and chases him. His brother, Moose, gets into tug of war battles with him and they pull each other all around the room.

They always end up snuggling together on Katie’s bed, just one big happy family. You’d think they had always lived together instead of just meeting.

Leo came to Katie under the saddest of circumstances. But, proving that even the saddest stories can still have happy endings, just look at the smile that’s back on Leo’s face again.

Leo has a big smile on his face again. Life is good when someone loves you!

Leo always enjoyed the snacks that Katie brought him on her visits. But, I think he likes the new family she gave him even better.

Source: Animals Being Cute


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