Vehicle stolen right under their noses, family in tears after what police found inside three days later

“Gone in 60 Seconds” is the title of a movie displaying how fast car thieves can break into a vehicle and be out of sight before you know it.

It didn’t take car thieves that long to ruin the lives of a couple that just wanted a night out together with their beloved pooch.

Carolyn Hamilton and her husband had just loaded Albus, the family dog, into their pickup truck and started the engine.

The couple went back inside their house for a few minutes for some quick goodbyes.

That was opening enough for thieves to take advantage of their lapse and steal the vehicle. They were more concerned about the dog.

“We just put him in the truck in our driveway, came back in to say goodbye, and literally turned around and the truck was gone,” Hamilton said.

“We instantly called 911, and Truckee Police saturated the area,” Hamilton told a local television station. “Truckee Police were dedicated to finding this dog.”

Police quickly reviewed security tapes and saw two men stealing from cars nearby.

A patrol vehicle spotted the stolen truck and the chase was on to catch the fast thieves.

Police pursued the crooks until they reached Reno, Nevada, before officers decided the chase was too dangerous.

The thieves, and the Hamilton’s truck and dog, were gone.

The Hamiltons didn’t give up. They placed flyers about town asking for help, because all they really wanted was their dog, Albus, returned.

Three days passed without any good news, and then the family received a heartwarming phone call.

Their truck was found in a Reno neighborhood, and Albus was inside.


Watch Truckee police rescue a dog and return him to his family

Albus the dog was stolen when his family's truck was stolen on Oct. 21 with the dog inside. Police found him and brought him home on Tuesday night.

Posted by The Sacramento Bee on Thursday, October 26, 2017


Poor Albus had been locked in his crate in the back seat of the truck during the entire ordeal. Other than being a little hungry and dehydrated, the beloved pooch was OK.

“There was some hope in it and some urgency, and I think that’s a magical equation,” Hamilton said of Albus’ safe return. She recalled how “immediately, every emotion ran through us,” when she got the call that Albus was found.

Some of the officers who helped find Albus stopped by for a photo with the dog and his mom.

While the thieves haven’t been caught, police are still investigating. Hamilton is pleased with all the help from the officers.

Police should get more credit for all the work they do, she said.

“They had a tenderness about them that you don’t attach to police officers, but we should from now on,” Hamilton said.

Police are there when needed, and hopefully people will recognize and appreciate all they do for families.

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