5-Week Old Blind Puppy Was Brought To The Vet To Be Put Down…But What The Vet Did Surprised Everyone

Dog lovers have a heart for all animals no matter their condition. Sadly though, some people see dogs merely as property and a source of income.

Some dog breeders fall into this latter category. Only the most perfect of dogs will garner the desired income.

Dogs who may be less than perfect may not have the same value to these breeders.

Such is the story of Bea. Bea was a five-week-old Yorkshire Terrier owned by a breeder. She was born blind, a characteristic that made her worthless to the breeder.

He took Bea to his vet to be put down. But the vet refused. He saw value where the owner did not. She ended up at the Battersea Dogs and Cats animal shelter.

Vet Shaun Opperman said, Bea copes really well with her disability. She quickly maps out the room she’s in and is soon hopping around happily. Like any puppy, she loves to play and you often see her running around the room carrying a tennis ball that’s even bigger than she is. We don’t expect her to be here very long once she’s ready to go to a new home.”

She will soon be ready to be adopted into her forever home. Until then, Bea will continue receiving the care she needs and play with her Golden Lab friend, Barney.

Watch this video and see the precious puppy who got the second chance at life that she deserves. No doubt she will make a great addition to someone’s family.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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