Weak Dog Was Living In A Wet Shoe Box, Rescuer Picked Her And Gasped At What Was Under Her

We wish that all animals could have forever homes. But sadly, many animals remain homeless, living on the streets, in the woods or anywhere else where they can find shelter and food.

Animal lovers and rescuers continually find animals in predicaments requiring human intervention to save them. Animals living on the streets find themselves in some of the most unusual circumstances as they fight to survive.

The Chihuahua mix in this story was found in an unbelievably terrible predicament when animal rescuers found her. She was so desperate for a home that she moved into a dampened shoe box she found alongside a house.

The residents soon noticed the dog and decided to take care of her. They fed her daily and checked on her regularly. After a few weeks, the Smooch Pooch Rescue and Hope For Paws was called to help the tiny dog.

The tiny dog later named Princess was terrified when rescuers first arrived. They soon saw that not only was this sweet girl living in a shoebox, she was also missing a leg.

Princess was given a bath, had all of her fleas removed and was treated for anemia. She was hospitalized for weeks.

Princess is now available for adoption. She is happy, healthy and finally ready for her forever home.

And don’t worry about her missing leg. Dogs can do amazingly well with only three legs. They get used to it much easier than people do and continue doing all they did before their injury.

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