When Their Beloved Corgi Died, Their World Collapsed, But 2 Months Later, They Got News That Changed Their Lives

They say when one door closes, a window opens. To one Korean couple, Kang Won Rae and Kim Song, it seemed as if all the doors and windows in their life were being slammed shut one by one.

In the 1990s, Kang had been a member of the popular Korean pop music and dance duo “Clon.” It seemed as if every door was opening for him, but then a serious motorcycle accident in 2000 left him paralyzed from the waist down.

He and Kim then focused on increasing their family. This required a lot of effort and expense as Kim had been diagnosed as infertile. As much as they had hoped for babies, none came their way.

So, they focused all their love and attention on their adorable Corgi. Doldol became the joy of their life and they felt that their little family was complete.

Then one day, during a vet exam, they received the horrifying news that Doldol had late-stage lymphoblastic leukemia. The disease is crippling and always fatal. But, the couple agreed they would do whatever it took to keep Doldol alive.

Sadly, they were told that no treatment existed, at any cost, that could save Doldol’s life. The prognosis was devastating to the couple. Doldol had only weeks to live. A couple of months at the most.

They took her home and lavished her with anything they thought would bring joy to her waning life. They created a bucket list of all of her favorite things.

So many times people offer a dying pet a bucket list of things that make themselves happy, not realizing that their dog really doesn’t care about ferris wheel rides and flying to a far-away ocean.

Dogs love their humans and their special toys, treats and places. And Doldol’s parents realized this.

So, they spent every spare moment with her. They gave her all her favorite foods. Played with her favorite toys. And took her to her favorite beach, taking lots of photographs together to warm their hearts after Doldol had left them.

They were overjoyed that Doldol had rallied under their careful care and her life had extended farther than any veterinarian had expected. The couple took their time, planning adventures that would please Doldol and give them more additions to their overstuffed scrapbook of memories.

The very best trip to Doldol’s absolute favorite place was saved for last. A snowy field that Doldol had always loved racing through. The couple had fond memories of seeing her racing about, her stubby little legs flying as she leaped and danced through the snow.

The SBS show “TV Animal Farm” followed them with cameras as they drove to Doldol’s favorite field and existed their car for yet another fabulous moment from her bucket list.

To the surprise and horror of everyone, Doldol never made it into the field.

Just as she spotted the snowy landscape and started heading towards it, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and toppled over. She started having trouble breathing and then abruptly, with one last deep sigh she was gone.

The dramatic moment, including the intense grief of Kane and Kim was captured on the pet TV program.

It seemed like the final blow. There were surely no more doors that could be slammed in the couple’s face. They had lost almost everything that was dear to them. Doldol’s death seemed like the end of the world.

But, there was still one window that the couple had dreamed would someday open. And, fresh on the heels of the grief over Doldol’s passing, came great joy.

One of Kim’s fertility treatments had been successful. The couple would be adding a child to the family. Despite their joy, they never forgot what Doldol had meant to them.

Kang Won Rae said, “Doldol came to me when I was having a hard time. I’ll never forget her.

The couple’s healthy son was born a few months later. The couple plans to tell him all about Doldol and how she kept their hearts open and ready for the love and joy their child would someday bring.

Rest in Peace, Doldol. May your time at Rainbow Bridge be spent enjoying your new world with all the other dogs that await the owners that brought them such peace and joy during your lives together.

Source: NTD TV

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