Rescue Group Springs Into Action To Save These Wild Animals From Extinction

There are many of us who love animals. We love to pet them, care for them and enjoy their animal antics. But there are other animal lovers who take that much further.

There are people who are more than willing to put their lives at risk as they seek to rescue injured, abused and abandoned animals. These animal heroes take extreme measures to help the animals they love.

Animal rescuers with the David Sedrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya work to save wild animals facing some of the greatest dangers.

They save baby animals such as giraffes, hippos and elephants who have lost their parents. They fight poachers who seek to kill animals to harvest body parts.

And they save these animals one at a time.

This video profiles a rescue organization in Kenya. They have rescued hundreds of animals over their 40 years of operation.

They rescue, rehabilitate and then release animals back into the wild. They free animals from snares that could injure them as well as the animals. And they do this all out of love for the animals around them.

It is devastating to the world’s wildlife to see the way that poachers and other opportunistic and greedy individuals treat animals.

Thankfully, there are others who are brave and determined enough to fight them.

Watch this video to see these rescuers in action. Just a warning though, you will see some animals who have been injured. I dare you not to fall in love with these creatures.


Source: Dodo



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