Wild Horses Crossing River When Little Filly Starts Drowning, Look Who Comes To Her Rescue

Some Americans might be surprised to learn that there are wild horses living in our country. These animals are descendants of Spanish horses who escaped into the wild centuries ago, never to be tamed by mankind.

Wild horses

Wild horses roam free in states like Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, and Montana.

They live off the land, in relative peace. Folks who live in these states can often see these herds moving through the wilderness.


What you might not know is that these herds, while consisting of wild animals, are comprised of tender and well-ordered families.

These horses aren’t mindless beasts, who force their young to fend for themselves. You might actually see them caring for each other, much like our own mothers and fathers.

Tonto National Forest

Take one instance that happened recently. A herd of wild horses in Tonto National Forest in Arizona descended the hills in order to drink from Salt River. While there, another herd came down to drink on the other side.

Like children of all species, some of the young in the second herd were horsing around by the river’s edge. This inspired a young filly from the first herd to go over and investigate.

Not an uncommon sight, among young creatures. This filly wanted to meet the other horses, perhaps make a friend.

Uh oh!

There was only one problem: the river wasn’t veryfriendly. The waters were high that day, too high for a young horse. A powerful current was flowing through that river. It was too powerful for the filly and she was dragged under!

In a matter of moments, this precious creature would have been swept away. Being so young and vulnerable, it would not be able to fight free of the waters.

That’s when daddy came to the rescue! The stallion of the herd, called Champ by onlookers, forded the rushing waters. Like a good father, he plucked the filly from the water and carried her off to safety.

Much like dogs and other animals, horses can gather their young by the nape of the neck. With as much gentleness and tenderness as can be, the stallion guided his young all the way from the river, up onto dry land.

Once there, the filly sought the comfort of her mama. She readily gave it to her baby. Pictures taken at the time show both mama and papa expressing affection for the little one, who almost got away.

Watch the intense rescue.


It’s a touching moment, one that proves that even wild animals have care and love for their yung. After all, what wouldn’t a good father do to help his child?

Source: Pawpulous

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Written by Adam Casalino

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