Wildfire Closes In On Pony, Owner Realizes There’s Only One Hilarious Way To Get Her to Safety

With dangerous wildfires breaking out in record numbers, sadly, property and possessions aren’t the only things that face devastation. In many cases hundreds of lives, both human and animal, end up lost in these horrifying fires as well. Without some incredibly quick thinking, this pony would have been in serious trouble when a fire raged towards her and her home.

It’s just a bonus that the resulting photos are the funniest things you will see today.

Pony Express

We’ve all heard of the Pony Express. Mail carriers riding horses covered 2000 miles as often as humanly and equinely possible.

It usually took a little less than 10 days for them to cover that much ground.

A little Honda in Santa Rosa, California was pressed into duty as part of a Pony Express recently. But, not like you might expect.

There was no mail involved. There was no trusty mailman with a job to do no matter what.

This time, the pony in the story wasn’t even carrying a human. Instead, it was being express carried itself. In … you guessed it … a Honda.

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A fire started closing in on the home of Lauren Mesaros. The nurse understood well the necessity of keeping her head in an emergency.

A Honda?

She didn’t panic when she realized that she had to not only get herself to safety, but also her three horses.

A friend, Carol Spears raced to the rescue with her horse trailer to get Mesaros’s two larger horses. But, what would they do with little Stardust?

It didn’t take long for Mesaros to make the only choice possible. Stardust would have to evacuate alongside her — in the backseat of her car.

We looked at each other and looked at the mini horse and said, ‘Well, put him in the Honda,‘” Mesaros said.

Luckily, Spears is somewhat of a horse-whisperer.

As you might imagine, Stardust was a little less than enamored with the idea of climbing into the backseat of a little Honda.


But, the ladies persevered and soon Stardust gave in. The photo above, taken by neighbor Lisette Hall Frye has since gone viral on Facebook.

Hall Frye told The Sacramento Bee that her reaction to seeing Mesaros get the pony in the car was one of “sheer amazement.”

“Couldn’t believe Lauren got Stardust to go into the back seat of her car,” Hall Frye said.

“A little coaxing with a carrot and he went right in! We were beyond thrilled and relieved that he could be evacuated safely!

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A photo like that was ripe for pun captions. Hall Frye’s husband’s remark would be hard to top though, “It looks like Ford has competition for a new pony car!

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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