Woman Adopts Beautiful Exotic Puppy, But She Never Imagined It Would Grow Up To Be A…

Usually, you know what you’re adopting.

You adopt an adorable little puppy and while you know it’ll get bigger, you have realistic expectations.

Sure, Alaskan malamutes can get big. But one woman could never have guessed what would happen…

Yumna, who resides in South Africa, was kind enough to adopt a beautiful malamute. She named him Tydus and just adored him.

And who wouldn’t? He’s one of the most gorgeous animals we’ve ever seen!

Then, as puppies do, he started to grow…then he just kept on growing. Yumna thought he’d stop but nope.

Tydus just kept getting bigger and bigger, until her tiny puppy finally tipped the scales at a massive 120 pounds!

That’s just gigantic, even for a breed that tends to be larger.

Perhaps most amazing of all, Tydus didn’t act like a 120-pound beast of a dog. Nope, he still thought he was a puppy!

He would hop right up in people’s laps without even thinking about it.

Before anyone knew it, Tydus became bigger than his owner, which put Yumna in an interesting situation…

Her pet was bigger than her!

But Tydus is so loving and gentle, it’s impossible to be intimidated by him. Just check out his amazing Instagram page.

He really is one adorable – and giant – dog, isn’t he?

This just goes to show you one thing:

Never try to predict how an animal will grow. It could end up being perfectly normal but then again, Mother Nature might have a surprise…

And if that happens, be sure to have a lot of extra dog food around! 🙂

Source: Honest to Paws

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