Bystanders Run To Help Woman Who Disappears In Dark Storm Drain, End Up Saving Two Lives

Have you ever watched a cartoon where a superhero was flying along minding his own business when he heard a cry for help? We barely hear the cry and can’t tell where it’s coming from.

But, the superhero hears, and knows immediately. And off he goes, cape flying, to save the day. By saving the girl, guy, train, cat or even the villain who we think doesn’t deserve to be saved.

What would you do if you heard that cry for help? A cry that only you heard. Or if someone else heard, they walked on by ignoring it.

Because of the anonymity of the internet, we have no idea who the young superhero is this video is. We don’t even know what part of the world she calls home.

What we do know is that she deserves the title of “hero” like few others. She did something few of us would do, risking her own safety, to follow the cries of a baby kitten.

This video of her sliding into a filthy storm drain to save a kitten quickly went viral on the internet. But, despite the blasting of it across social media around the world, she hasn’t come forward.

See, that’s what makes a hero truly heroic. The fact that they did it just for the job itself, not the glory afterward.

A very lucky little calico kitten got a second chance at life that day because of the heroic actions of a young girl. People around the world had plenty to say when they saw the video.

It first attracted the attention of Harmony Fund, an international animal rescue organization. The organization praised the woman’s actions on their Facebook page and wanted to thank her.

We don’t know her name. We don’t know what country she’s in. But we do know that the young woman is one heck of a hero,” a representative from Harmony Fund said.

“The difficulty with the Internet is that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to trace a piece of content to its origin, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the unsung heroes among us. Maybe, just maybe, this story will find [its] way back to her and if it does, she will be delighted to read all the supportive comments left on our Facebook page by viewers like you,” the representative added.

The supportive comments poured in from around the world.

One netizen wrote, “Just when you’ve lost faith on people, some like her come by.”

What a champ! You go girl! I would have been scared to go in there cause of claustrophobia,” another commented.

So, now that you’ve seen the video, tell us. What would YOU have done?

Source: NTD TV

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