Sue And Mars Share A Rare Condition That Forms A Unique Bond

Going to the animal shelter to choose a new dog is so exciting; that is until you get there and actually have to pick just one.

It’s a tough decision when you have all of those little faces staring at you begging to be picked.

At the end of the day, though, you have to go with your gut, or as some folks say, a dog chooses you.

For Sue Blakenship, she knew immediately that Mars was the one dog for her. You see, both she and Mars share a unique connection – they both had the same heart condition that was corrected by surgery.

After Mars pulled through his surgery like a champ, Sue stopped by the rescue and met him. The second their eyes met, she knew Mars was meant to be with her forever.


The shelter described their meeting. “Once Sue saw that Mars was ready for a forever home, she went straight to the shelter to meet him. The moment she saw him at the fence, the feeling she’d had all along that they were meant to be was confirmed.”

As awful as a heart condition is for both humans and dogs, the wonderful silver lining of this story is that through their heart conditions, both now have hearts that are full of unconditional love.

Look at their special bond in this video; it’s so obvious that they love each other.

We send our best wishes to Sue and Mars!

Source: I Heart Dogs

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Written by Cate Bryan

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