Woman Finds Old Dying Dog At The Shelter, She Makes A Surprising Decision Right Then And There

There are stories that we read online and in the newspaper that melt our hearts. We coo and say, “aww” and then we move on.

But then there are other stories that touch our hearts much deeper. These are stories that illustrate the kindness of others, the importance of second chances and the love that we all long for in our lives.

This is such a story.

Grandma Dot is a pit bull who arrived at the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta. She was in bad shape from the moment she arrived. Grandma Dot was malnourished, had a dull coat and looked as if she had seen more than her fair share of scraps.

To make matters so much worse, the vet who examined Grandma Dot upon her arrival at the shelter had devastating news. In addition to being deaf and elderly, the pit bull who many believe never lived in a home, had cancer.

There was no treatment and no hope for her survival.

In many cases, that would be the end of the story. A dog like Grandma Dot will, in most places, be put down to ensure that she does not suffer this horrendous illness.

But Grandma Dot’s story is quite different. Her’s is a story of love and redemption in the face of a terminal illness.

Staff at the LifeLine Animal Project were so fond of Grandma Dot that they could not bring themselves to put her down. There were committed to finding her a home in which to live her dying days.

The shelter would provide medication and medical support if a foster parent would agree to give her the experience of having a real home with a forever family.

That mission became a reality in July. Jessica Miller was a volunteer at LifeLine Animal Project. When she neared the end of her orientation tour, she saw Grandma Dot and heard her story for the first time.

“The very last kennel we stopped at was Grandma Dot’s, Miller said. Shelter staff shared Grandma Dot’s story and the hope of the staff that her final days would be spent in a home and not locked inside a kennel at the shelter.

“They knew she wouldn’t have much time and desperately wanted her to be in a loving environment for whatever time she had left, Miller said. “I was instantly moved and knew that was my purpose.”

Grandma Dot went to her forever home with Miller on July 8. For whatever time she has left, Grandma Dot will know what it is like to have a home, to have someone who loves her and cares for her and to treat her the way she should have been treated for her entire life.

Miller says that Grandma Dot loves car rides with the air conditioner on high. And she loves her big backyard where she can kick up dirt after doing her business.

“She has inhaled an ice cream sandwich and turned her nose at fried apples I made, Miller said. “It’s so much fun giving her little treats of my meals and seeing what she likes and dislikes.

Miller has offered herself up to serve Grandma Dot for the remainder of her days. What a brave and selfless thing to do.

No doubt Miller will grieve when Grandma Dot is gone. But she will be able to rest assured that she did all she could to make her final days the best possible.

“It only takes one person to change the life of a dog. In this case it’s Jessica who will keep Grandma Dot from dying without ever knowing what it feels like to have a human love her, care for her, said Karen Hirsch, a spokesperson for LifeLine Animal Project.

“She will now leave this world as a happy dog who was loved and spoiled, because one person decided to selflessly see her through to the end.”

Watch this video and see Grandma Dot for yourself. She is obviously a happy, sweet loving pit bull. You can even see her smiling and wagging her tail as she loves on her caretaker at the shelter.

You will especially love the following photo of Grandma Dot with Miller as she sits in the car for one of her favorite rides. Grandma Dot is smiling, her tongue hanging out, full of life and vigor.

You can continue to learn more about Grandma Dot by following the LifeLine Animal Project on Facebook.

“Grandma Dot is a deaf, heartworm positive, dog reactive pity with terminal lymphoma,” the group’s Facebook page reads. “But thanks to supporters like you, Grandma Dot is also a happy, spoiled and loved family pet. Thanks to you, Grandma Dot is home. Help us ensure that every deserving pet like Grandma Dot gets a second chance – even if it takes a little extra time, extra friends or a few extra resources.”


Grandma Dot

Our precious Grandma Dot was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. We are absolutely heartbroken for this wonderful senior pup and want to find her a foster home as soon as possible. We are not sure how long she has left – it could be weeks, it could be months – but she deserves to know life outside of our shelter walls.This would be a hospice situation, where LifeLine would provide all of her food, pet supplies and vet care. You would just provide the love. She is looking for a home without any other pets, to ensure she is in a calm, peaceful environment. Please email adoptions@lifelineanimal.org if you can help.If you are not in a place to foster right now, please SHARE this post so we can find Grandma Dot the loving home she deserves <3LifeLineAnimal.org

Publicado por LifeLine Animal Project em Quinta-feira, 22 de junho de 2017

Source: The Dog Channel

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