Woman Hears Cries Coming From A Hole In The Ground, When She Looks Closely – OMG!

Every now and then, an angel comes along in just the nick of time.

On a bitter cold day about a year ago, Claudia Branco thought she heard the faint sounds of distress.

She couldn’t quite tell what was causing these sounds but she knew whatever it was, it was in trouble.

So, Claudia carefully traced the crying to a strange hole in the ground…and when she looked inside, her heart broke.

Obviously, nature can be cruel, even in the world of domesticated animals.

But she still couldn’t believe what she saw:

Inside the hole were three tiny newborn cats, apparently abandoned by the mama cat.

And though two of the little ones had already succumbed to the elements, one was still very much alive, and in desperate need of help.

Monica Varriano, a friend of Claudia’s, said the kitten – which Claudia named Fred – was in bad shape due to the weather:

Fred barely survived from hypothermia.

That first night was a rough one for Claudia because she never slept:

She kept constant vigil over Fred, feeding him and making sure he kept breathing.

Her whole family helped, too. They all took turns taking care of the fragile tiny creature and finally, Fred started to recover.

And a year later, Fred is now one of the most adorable kittens you’ll ever see.

He follows Claudia all over the place and has since been dubbed her ICT (Instant Cuddle Therapist), which is just too cute for words.

And to celebrate the anniversary of his rescue, Claudia’s family even held a fun little tea party!

See? Angels do exist; just ask any animal that has been rescued and now enjoys a wonderful life.

Source: Love Meow

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