Woman Kicks Snow On A Stray Cat, Instantly Regrets It…

Cats can be the most lovable, cuddly, loyal and comforting pets anyone could wish for in their home.

As one of the most favorite pets ever, cats provide a unique blend of dominating a household while providing companionship with those sharing their home.

Cats have a keen sense of when someone is not treating them well, and that person can walk away with a good nip or scratch.

Outside the home, stray cats are wary, street smart and apt to defend anyone messing with them.

One woman, who was obviously more of a dog person, should have known better when she decided to get all up in a stray cat’s world because he was in her yard.

Her dog was yapping at the stray from behind a fenced porch, so the woman decided to confront the cat out in the open yard in the snow.

She thought kicking snow into the cat’s face with her house shoes would simply send him away.

Not this feisty cat.

Before she knew it, this bad-boy cat climbed her like a totem pole at a cat day spa.

His bite- and scratch-filled attack was so fierce she fell flat on her face in the snow, reeling in pain.

She managed to get to her feet and stumbled back through the gated porch to her house. She was holding her head in pain the whole way.

The cat boldly followed behind her to make sure she left his world.

If you’re going to be a bully and kick cold snow at a kitty’s face, you better make sure you can handle a cat whoopin’.

Watch this cat’s bully-whipping style:

Source: We Love Animals

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Shawn Green

Written by Shawn Green

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