Woman Rescues Rottweiler After Horrific Accident. Then The Dog Leads Her Back To The Scene And…Unbelievable!

To say dogs are loyal is an understatement.

Dog lovers fully understand the faithfulness of their canine friends and when a story like this rolls around, they nod their heads in appreciation.

Man’s best friend never ceases to amaze!

Kathy Wilkes-Myers was strolling along in central Tennessee when she stumbled across a scared, starving Rottweiler.

She was a little worried about the stray dog but he quickly rubbed against her legs to say everything was all right.

Kathy took the frightened pooch home and started to care for him but she realized something…as she told CBS:

I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby.

She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me.

Then Kathy remembered there had been a serious car accident near where she found the dog, named Ella.

So Kathy and Ella returned to the scene and when they did, Ella started to pull on the leash…

She led her to a pile of personal items belonging to the family involved in the accident. Ella’s family.

Ella had been thrown from the vehicle during the crash and the family couldn’t find her but as it turned out, the scared dog was indeed very much alive.

And she stuck to the spot where she last saw her beloved owners, and even gathered up their items!

Ella had been out there 13 long days before Kathy came along.

So, Kathy contacted the family, told them Ella was alive and well, and brought her home…

And the reunion will absolutely bring a tear to your eye!

Source: NTD TV

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