World’s Happiest Pet Revealed…And This Ain’t No Dog Or Cat!

Looking back at high school yearbooks, it’s always amazing to note that the nerdy unpopular guys end up on Most Eligible Bachelors lists. By that same token, the tall gangly girls that don’t get much notice in high school end up on the runway as some of the world’s top models.

Take little Juniper for instance. When she first came to live with her mom, she was cute. Cute as a button in fact. But, nobody ever guessed that she was going to end up being a gorgeous supermodel.

Of course, Juniper didn’t really care much about being in the limelight. She was deliriously happy just being herself. Just being a fox.

That’s right. Juniper is a domesticated fox, bred to be someone’s pet. While the species isn’t the right pet for everyone, in the correct situation they make wonderful companions. Who wouldn’t be happy seeing that adorable grin all day every day?

As Juniper grew up, her mom kept the family advised of Juniper’s antics on her Instagram account. The world started watching as Juniper blossomed into a gorgeous young lady.

Before she knew it, she was one of the most-followed foxes on Instagram! (OK, we know there aren’t a lot of foxes with their own Instagram account, but still…everyone who was anyone was following her!)

Her mom adored her. After all, what’s not to love? In fact, sometimes she got a little carried away with her kisses. (Oh, the things a young fox has to put up with for those she loves…even so far as being someone’s lipstick blotter!)

Trying to wash off the proof of her mom’s adoration, Juniper learned that a real star never gets any privacy. Not even in a bubble bath! The darned paparazzi follows you everywhere.

The one thing you may notice, in all of her photographs, Juniper is always smiling! It takes a lot to get a happy fox down. And Juniper is very much one happy fox!

One of the things that always makes Juniper happy for sure is spending time with her big brother, Moose.

There is always a concern, when raising two species together, that there may be some friction. But, these two have no idea they aren’t the same species. They are family. That’s all that matters.

Juniper doesn’t even have to worry about keeping up her model poses when she’s playing with Moose. Even her goofiest grin doesn’t faze him in the least.


And when her fame starts making her a little big for her britches, leave it to brother Moose to remind her that she’s not really all that.

Juniper enjoys going out “on location” for some of her photo shoots. She loves riding in the car. She tries to insist that she’s old enough to drive now, but her mama isn’t buying it.

Juniper loves being outdoors. She licks her lips thinking of all the hunts that her ancestors went on to provide for their family. She knows how lucky she is though.

She doesn’t have to leave the house to go on a hunt for food. Being a sly fox, whether or not she’s been domesticated, gives her plenty of ideas of how to find the food that mama is sure she’s hidden.

Indeed, Juniper has come a long way from that skinny little fox baby that joined her family. Today she’s a beautiful young lady with gorgeous red hair and black paws that make her look as if she’s wearing long black gloves. Indeed, she does sometimes seem as if she’s channeling Audrey Hepburn (think she’d recognize herself in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?)

Whether she’s basking in the glow of love from her adoring public, or just relaxing in a bit of a sun ray, one thing is never missing from Juniper’s face. Her smile.

She still has the same sweet smile (and playful poses) today that she had as a kit. (That’s what a baby fox is called…a kit.)

If you’d like to keep up with Juniper’s antics, you can follow her on Instagram.

Although having a fox seems like a super fun thing, they absolutely aren’t the right pet for every home. If you decide a fox would fit into your family, you can check out her mom’s tips before you bring the new kid home.

Source: Honest to Paws

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