After Years Of Crying Out For Help, Someone Finally Hears His Wail

Imagine a life where you never feel human touch. Where you are all alone for years with food just haphazardly tossed on the ground around you when you do get fed.

You’d cry too.

The poor dog in this video has lived that life. You can look into his eyes and see how sad and lonely he is. He’s given up, accepting that this will be how the rest of his life will be.

As he cries himself asleep another night, he has no idea that the hell of living in a disgusting public pound in Romania is about over.

Howl of a Dog rescue group went to save him. At first, he didn’t realize that they were there for him and wouldn’t even make eye contact.

The rusty fencing was broken and he was whisked away for medical treatment, still not understanding what is going on.

His body was covered with wounds and he was infested with fleas. His injuries were treated, and he had the first warm bath of his life.

With continued with medical care, nutrition, and most of all, love, the dog they named Arkin began to thrive and his personality started to shine through. He blossomed into a wonderful dog.

Watch the video below to see more on Arkin’s story and his amazing transformation.

Source: YouTube

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